Adding Styles to an Artisteer Theme

I'm quite comfortable writing any of the code that makes up a website but I'm pretty challenged when it comes to making it look nice. I was pleased to discover Artisteer, a program that can create a nice theme for a Drupal installation (as well as other CMS as well). Artisteer has many knobs that you can twist to create a wide variety of themes. With a few twists, I was able to create the current theme, which doesn't look bad but not particularly great either. So even with a great tool like Artisteer, I believe you still need some visual talent to create a great looking theme.

The first problem I encountered using Artisteer was the need to add styles for custom pages. One solution is to simply edit the generated style.css file. But the problem is that if you ever want to adjust the theme a little, you have to reapply the edits. I talked to their support and it seems there's no way to specify an additional css file to be included in the set of generated files.

There were a couple of other modifications I wanted to make to the generated files. Such as changing the breadcrumb separator. So the strategy I decided to use was to create a script that would make the necessary modifications to the generated files. In this way, every time I tweaked the theme, I could just run the script and get all the necessary modifications. Here's the script that I'm presently using:


# Modify the .info file to add a new style sheet.
# Adding an extra space after the = so that if the script were run again, the modification
# would not be made again.
sed -i 's/= style.css/=  style.css\nstylesheets[all][] = exd.css/g' themes/artisteer_exd/

# Change the breadcrumb separator from | to >>
sed -i 's/implode('\'' |/implode('\'' \»/' themes/artisteer_exd/template.php

# Remove the Artisteer logo at the bottom of the page
sed -i 's#<p class="art-page-footer">.*</p>##' themes/artisteer_exd/page.tpl.php

# Replace the Contact Us link at the footer to a Login link
sed -i 's@<a href="#">Contact Us@<a href="/user">Login@' themes/artisteer_exd/page.tpl.php