Iterating an Array Using the for Statement [5.0]

The for statement can be used to conveniently iterate over the elements of an array. The general syntax of the array-based for statement is:
for (type variable : array) {
The array-based for statement has four parts. The array is an expression that returns an array. The type specifies the type of variable which will be used to hold elements from the array. In particular, variable always holds the current element of the iteration and can be used by the code in body-code. body-code is code that will be executed once for every element in the array. Here is an example of the for statement.
// Returns the smallest integer in the supplied array
public int getMin(int[] ints) {
    int min = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    for (int num : ints) {
        if (num < min) {
            min = num;
    return min;